1 chapter / 1426 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


A girl wakes up lying bleeding on the street not knowing who she is. Join in as she uncovers the truth of her past.



over 5 years ago Wendy Fullbuster said:

i feel like i read a book like this. wait. i did.


about 6 years ago Jay Bird said:

OMG!!! I cant wait to read more!!


over 6 years ago Dreamer said:

I like the story but the plot is overdone the best writers take a used plot and make it sing Other than that it's good


over 6 years ago McPiggles said:

Please continue! I love the vivid detail!


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almost 7 years ago A. Kennedy said:

I think it has potential, but at the moment, it left me feeling very confused. I think the best way to fix that would be to add more description and to clear up the dialogue a bit. There were a few moments where I lost track of who was speaking. Building up the descriptions and explaining her memories and thought trails a bit more is the biggest thing. Overall, a very interesting piece. I would like to see perhaps another chapter though to further explain things :)


almost 7 years ago Lizzie Madloch said:


this was reaalllly weird.. i don't understand the whole thing about the dude being a hacker, i mean is she a computer or something? i didn't get any farther then that.. sorry, but this really isn't mind type of story.