The Wishmaker

The Wishmaker

23 chapters / 97379 words

Approximately about 8 hours to read


Wishes are curious things. When Mae Silverstein made a wish, she didn't know it would reach the Bureau of Wishes, a mysterious place that was part of a universe of spirits she'd never heard of before. She didn't know that when the wish would be granted, it would be the final requirement to make her life infinitely more complicated. And now, she and Aaron Woods are tangled up in a prophecy, where they must use the powers of their art and their hope to save humanity.


Writing, Fantasy, Romance



over 4 years ago Ainsley Rose said:


Can you publish this already please?

PLEEEEEASE? I am so in love with this story, you don't even know.


over 4 years ago Ainsley Rose said:


Hey, it's AutoreDiEssere from Write-it, just joined Figment *wave*. MORE WISHMAKER?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS!!!


Because I love this book.

And there's more for me to read.

So bye. :)


over 4 years ago Ally Rae Sparks said:

I have read this entire thing! Twice...You are seriously killing me because I LOOOOOVE this story and I need to know what happens! Gah!


over 4 years ago Mattie A. said:

Oh my God! This is AMAZING! To be honest, at first this seemed like another clichéd fairytale but after reading through the summary I got captivated and just needed to read your story! And I'm not disappointed: it is wonderfully written and I love how ununsual and interesting your characters are. I also have to congratulate on the POV, as it fits the story so well. Definitely reading on! :)



over 5 years ago Katherine Rae said:

The prologue was very intriguing, and really grabbed my attention. I like how the wishes were described and how the whole system was setup. It was such a cute, yet interesting idea.

Your writing is well! You have a good, broad choice of vocabulary, and I did not notice any run-on sentences or mixed up paragraphs. Since I only read so little, there isn't a lot for me to 'critique.'

I liked it.

Good job, and keep writing!

~Katherine Rae


over 5 years ago ethereality said:

I'm going to review as I read. Since this story is so long, I might not touch on everything, but I'll try my best. The prologue was VERY intriguing. I even have a little story called "Hide and Peek" where two lovers are wishing on stars, and he tells her that they might reach the Head Wishmaker. It's was a flippant mention, but honestly, I do like to wonder about wish granters, and if they're real. I love fantasizing. Anyway, back to the prologue. I was immediately captivated. Your personification was beautiful.

Your writer voice is so clear. I'm not exactly sure what point of view you're writing in--a type of Omniscient Third Person, maybe? I'm so ignorant on POVs--but it fits this story perfectly. I like how you can say "He slammed his laptop shut and went downstairs" without any adverbs or adjectives, and yet it can still let the reader know the mood. You've got a great talent for writing, and it's so obvious. I'm jealous. Also, I absolutely loved when the wish said "You don't need another person to complete you, Mae. Maybe you need to complete someone else." It was perfect. Some sentences just have this magical sparkle, iridescent shine. This is one of them.

Mae's a lot like me. I am in no way as smart as her (Goodness, my government bores the crap out of me) but I'm a feminist, and I'm an avid reader. Her analytical nature reminds me of myself. Little hints, like "What proof did she need, anyway, besides all the accounts of writers throughout history?" reveal her personality. And it's a lot like mine. It makes it easier to relate with her.

I also find it interesting how you could take ordinary emotions (like Aaron's struggle between Nellie and Mae) and just by giving it a simple backstory, you totally flip the impression the reader gets.

I've just finished the last chapter, and with 20/20 playing on the TV next to me for my family, I'm not sure how well I'll be able to focus. I'll try to keep a structured format.

Characters Even though you used third person, you became your characters very well. Mae is my favorite, since she's the most like me, but I also really like Topaz. Topaz is the chick I dream of being, the one I'll become when I'm free (OUT OF THE HOUSE xD) Their personalities are very distinct. You convey their thoughts and emotions as if it was first person. This brings a great quality to your writing.

Writing Kudos to you! I didn't notice any grammatical errors. There were a couple times when you repeated words in a sentence, but it wasn't too noticeable. Oh wait, there was one time when you used a colon for a semicolon. You could probably find that with MS Word. You weren't overly descriptive, which I liked. More and more I'm realizing the novels that make it are the ones that stay focused on the dialogue, rather than how the dialogue was conveyed. You're not afraid to simply say, "Mae said" instead of "Mae replied softly" or "Mae snapped". Those are only good in moderation. The reason I notice this is because it's my pitfall in writing xD So I praise you.

Plot It was fabulous. It IS fabulous, since it's yet to be finished. I kept wondering all throughout the story--how does she do this? Do you use outlines or anything? Because it seems almost impossible that something like this can just happen by sitting down and just writing. It's got to have some hidden schematics. I'm curious about your technique. If you'd like to share that with me, I'd appreciate it! You were very consistent with the order of events. Most love stories on figment fail because everyone thinks romance is the only plot necessary. Which isn't true. You have a main plot--the prophecy--and several subplots, one of which is Mae's wish. While I love reading the parts where Aaron thinks how pretty Mae is, if he was constantly thinking that, I might get a little bored. I like to be distracted from their relationship, so that when those scenes come, they're even sweeter.

Overall This seems like a very well thought-out story. It kept my attention from beginning to end, and the only times I paused were when I would've been grounded if I hadn't gotten off the computer. I wished so badly that it was published so I could hold it in my hands and curl up and read it straight through. It's so professional that I believe someday soon that wish will come true ;) I'm definitely looking forward to more! This is amazing. Keep up the fantastic work! ♥