Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

2 chapters / 2992 words

Approximately 15 minutes to read


For the Girls with grit contest! Heart if you like it, Review on what needs to be fixed.



over 1 year ago Harry Peter said:

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over 5 years ago Jessica said:

Wow. This is absolutely brilliant. This is good. I mean, really good. Great, great piece.

The naked eye

over 5 years ago Shukrani Mercer said:

This was beautifully constructed and brought tears to my eyes. I love how Keera ultimately triumphs over her prosecutors in the end. What's really sad is that there are still people out there today that are so hideously racist. And not just between black and white people either. The quote was a splendid touch... I actually have that quote hanging on my bedroom wall ;)


over 5 years ago Riley Black said:

This is beautiful.



9 months ago TemptedFiction said:


9 months ago TemptedFiction said: