Small Magic

Small Magic

7 chapters / 15894 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Typaes, a war torn country, is dependent on nothing more than a magic bloodline. But all the Faerie are dead or hiding. And so, every new King hunts for a faerie-born. A woman with all of the magic of the faeries, to bear the heirs to his throne. Lia is one of the last faerie born in all of Typaes. But something is desperately wrong with the way things are run in Typaes. Will Lia be able to save herself, or is her fate sealed the way every other consort's was?

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over 5 years ago cassidy said:

Are you ever going to continue this? :(


almost 6 years ago Kris Skater said:

This was really amazing!


almost 6 years ago Diana Clarkson said:

Your continuing, right? Right?! RIGHT?!?!


almost 6 years ago Arie Chase said:

I agree. Your descriptions are perfect, the idea so different. Wonderful job, wonderful story!


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