4 chapters / 2504 words

Approximately 13 minutes to read


Ann Hill, a senior in high school about to graduate seems to have a great life. Boyfriend, Cooper Talem her crush, great best friend Alice Marten, living well off. That is until she finds out before graduation that her long term boyfriend has been cheating on her since little over a year ago with her best friend. Like any logical person would do, she picks up the pieces of her broken heart and leaves her little hometown Middleburg, Mississippi. She starts anew in her choice university Chicago, IL. Trying to forget about her first real relationship gone awry, she promises to herself to take time on herself. Yet it seems that isn’t what her life has in store for her when she accidently meets a handsome, quirky boy named, Kari Lennon. They are complete opposites. But as the old saying goes opposites attract. She begins to fall head over heels in love but still not willing to reenter a new relationship. Will she let herself fall or ignore her rising feelings?


Writing, Romance, Novel



about 4 years ago Eva Serrano said:

This is a really good well written piece. I'm sure to read more in the future :)


almost 5 years ago Kylan Higgs said:



almost 5 years ago Kylan Higgs said:



about 5 years ago A Girl That Writes said:

wow i really liked this so far :) the first paragraph instantly drew me into the story and i enjoyed the rest of it too :) great job on this and i hope you continue with it soon! :)



over 5 years ago You'll never guess my username said:

This was great, your plot is good so far and you really hook the reader in. Your imagery is good and you really make the reader dislike the main character's boyfriend when he says "she finally found out," when he is caught. You might want to let the reader get to know Ann's best friend better so her pain is more real when she finds her friend cheating. Otherwise, good work on this!

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over 5 years ago penmaiden said:

- "'Hey I love you.' The girl said to the boy..." Should be: "'Hey*,* I love you*,*' the girl said to the boy..." - Comma between "me" and "and". - Ooh, great twist! I'm curious to see where this is heading.