The Alts

The Alts

4 chapters / 14656 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


This is a book me and my friend Madi Leigh Persinger (CHECK HER OUT she writes alot of good stories) are writing together.all of the odd chapters(1,3,5,7...etc) are written by me and all of the even chapters(2,4,6,8....etc) are writeen by Madi. :) Our Amazing cover is made by Heather Jones! :)
Here's a description for it...
What would you do if your only way of life was killing people? What if you were raised and trained to be used as weapons? What if you thought that living like this was okay, maybe even right? What would you do if you found out everything you’d be raised and told to believe in was a lie? What if you thought you were protecting your country, but you were really a monster and you were the source of everyone’s nightmares?Amira and Andi are some of the first Alts, but now they need to break away from the only place they’d ever known. The government they’d once trusted was now an enemy.



about 5 years ago Faith Robinett said:

Hey, Renae! It's Faith from Economics class! I just wanna say.......WOW! That was truly amazing! It made my heart pound when the girls had to kill that family and soft when the girls were proposed. The ending was the best part! But it's so frustrating when an ending is not complete. So on Monday in class, can you pretty please tell me what happened to the girls? Did they get killed? Did they survive? I need to know! And I must learn from the master!


over 5 years ago Zakiya Tiaire said:

I have to definitely come back for more because this just sucked me in. I was just really able to get into the story.


over 5 years ago VirginiaCalling said:

This story is pretty good. I think some of it is a bit mroe simplistic in parts than other, but no biggie. Consistency comes with practice. Cheers and keep writing!


over 5 years ago Barbara C. Doyle said:

Love,love,LOVE it!


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over 5 years ago Michael D. Waterhouse said:

Wonderful!! I enjoyed your original story line. The descriptions were very very well done.Another 70,000 words and you have a publishable novel. Not a big deal but you might want to indent when a new person is speaking. two thumbs up

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almost 6 years ago Laura Muse said:

Okay, so I read the prologue and the first chapter. I like that you took the time to introduce your society in a simple, easy to understand manner (it's depressing how many people try to integrate the explanation into the plot and thus make it dreadfully confusing). I find it interesting that they're grouped by letters; do they start over after the 26th year? Anyway, your premise was intriguing. I wonder what made the distinction between the Alts and the Norms; was it that the Alts' parents had been exposed to the radiation and stuff but the Norms' hadn't? I know you mentioned that only half the country had been destroyed, so I guess that would explain my theory pretty well. My real issue is that Andi and Amira seem almost too normal; if they're trained to be like super spies and secret weapons, you'd think they'd be more jumpy and less ditsy, you know? One thing I want to add (because I started reading chapter 2, forgetting that it wasn't written by you): be careful of punctuation. I didn't see it in your chapter (and I'm pretty sure you wrote the prologue too based on your style), but your co-author put a long string of question marks and exclamation points. Never do that. Put one or the other (or an interobang at the absolute most, which would be like this "?!" Or "!?" Depending on your preference, but try to avoid it at all cost because it's a sign of immaturity as a writer).