Your Past

Your Past

1 chapter / 241 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


So this is just a poem that makes you go through diffrent ages of your life and just remembering what it was like .
Hope you enjoy it and heart if you like it and comment please to tell me your opinion .


Writing, Drama, Poetry



9 months ago imranuddin said:

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over 5 years ago Honesty Gant said:

I loved this i could really relate to it!!!


over 5 years ago Georgia Atkin said:

Nice. :) I like it; it has a rhythm, and your voice is fairly strong. You've got the occasional rhyme, but they never feel forced or stifling.

I'm wondering if by 'reality stricking' you meant 'reality-stricken'? That would certainly fit.

Well done. :D Keep writing!



about 2 years ago T. J. Brilling said:

Made me reflect. It's a great poem that can get you thinking. I liked how you used "dreams are granted and wishes come true" instead of the reverse. Other than a few small edits in punctuation and structure, I have no notes. Good job.

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over 5 years ago Margaryta said:

A very beautiful read which really makes you think but at the same time isn't too heavy. It made me think about myself and reflect on my life. Very beautiful~