Blood like Autumn Leaves

Blood like Autumn Leaves

1 chapter / 680 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Most people know him as the kingslayer. The hero.
I know him as the man who killed my father.



almost 6 years ago lynkel said:

The first sentence of the story really captured me and of course it was intriguing but the whole thing about the guards and stuff was just something that didn't capture my interest I'd much rather want to hear about the emotions she felt for her father. But overall it was carefully displayed and I liked it. (:


almost 6 years ago Annetta Azul said:

I love how from just starting out with a song it can go into so much detail. Good job!


almost 6 years ago Mickey Mouse said:

This is sweet but not too sweet, with a readable voice.

The beale papers cipher no 3

almost 6 years ago Smoke Or Tea said:

Sweet set-up. I love fantasy novels and you did a really good job with the prompt. Good luck in this contest!



almost 6 years ago Melinda P. said:

What a great take on the prompt! I've read many tales of wicked kings being executed, but never have I thought about the flip side; what was it like for their families? This story portrays that side of the story excellently.

I love how you started with a portion of the song. It really drew me into the story. And then when you learn that King Vind is the child's father...well, then you're really sucked in!

I liked the paragraphs about the guards. They made the main character seem more real and gave a few pictures of his childhood, which I enjoyed...especially the part about Tagrak.

And I liked how you ended it by telling us what's going on the main character's life right now. And that last's brilliant. :D


almost 6 years ago why_don't_we said:

*Very impressive. You need to draw a cover for this one too, your work is pretty awesome! Anime I believe? Anywho. I really like this piece. I was just lead to read it because of its being one of your less popular pieces. Currently! It needs more attention. I like that your character here talks about her father's death, ruling, and evil doings rather ... casually, to say the least. This is interesting, but also sort of makes sense. It seems that townspeople and those at the pub just throw around the tales of the evil king's death like we throw around the melting of the wicked witch in the wizard of oz. This makes for an interesting plot.. for all that we know, your character could have a major breakthrough and secretly care much more than she lets on. I would like to know more about her mother and their life. I cannot even imagine having to live like that, the death of a father being enough. Having everyone know and talk about it is a very different story. ... How hard it would be to speak ina good way about someone like that, but you would have to because of blood relations. Now to close up my overly long review (sorry, so much to say!) I do hope that you continue on with this. Remember! You should draw a cover! *