3 chapters / 1395 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


Natalie is the typical sixteen year old girl. She wants the type of romance that comes from a fairytale. What she doesn't know is sometimes beautiful faces hide dark, dangerous secrets...

Credit for cover photo:; By Brittany Ray: "butterfly fly away"



almost 6 years ago cheryl shannon said:

Your a great writer Isabella - Keep up the great work!!!


almost 6 years ago jim scarantino said:

Powerful, your story shows the spirit is strong and your writing is exceptional!!


almost 6 years ago Kim Gush said:


What a powerful story you have written. The young women that this will benefit cannot be measured. They,sadly, exist and your words can give them their voices. You should be extremely proud of yourself. This is not an easy topic and far too little is ever said about it. I commend you and see the future bright because of young women,such as yourself,that care and have the strength to put into words what many are afraid to do.

Congratulations on making the difference to more lives than you can imagine!!!

Kim Gush


almost 6 years ago Isabella Scarantino said:

Wow, thanks! I'm actually working on turning this into a book...I'm going to post parts of it as I complete them, so watch for it!


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