Rain Alone Sleep

Rain Alone Sleep

3 chapters / 74 words

Approximately half a minute to read


A collection of three of my poems I originally had "published" seperately - What I See In The Rain, Alone and Lonely, Don't Wanna Sleep.


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over 5 years ago c h said:

cute, but there really isn't any depth here. Maybe i'm asking too much. I just like poetry to have something more i guess. I'll go back to T.S Eliot now.


over 5 years ago Lucy Skyler said:

Nice, simply poetry. I found that they started off well but started to weaken as they went on; your rhythm and word choice were a bit off at times and didn't always seem to fit the beginning of the poem, but otherwise I liked them. Well done.


over 5 years ago Renae Collins said:

wow very short and to the point but cute!


over 5 years ago Alyssa said:

They were simple, yet beautiful. I loved it! :)


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about 5 years ago Nightingail said:

I liked your fist poem, "Rain". Acrostic poems can get tedious, but although yours was simple, yours wasn't. I enjoyed your description of the peace of rain. It reminded me of how much I love the rain, because of how soothing and dependable it is! I did think that "start" in the last line seemed forced in the otherwise unbroken flow of this poem. What if you used "begin" instead?

I also enjoyed the other two poems, although not as much as the first one. They were entertaining and interesting, but they didn't really have any depth, or deeper meaning as far as I could tell. That's fine, especially in the third one, which made me laugh, but I was thinking that the second one could use maybe a tad bit more emotion?

Overall, though, I enjoyed reading these, and I like how you titled the collection with part of the title of each poem inside. Nice job, and keep writing!! :)

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almost 6 years ago sophia king said:

very great job on these poems!! I love rain and I always stay up late with my computer.