The Cage

The Cage

3 chapters / 4402 words

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I'm Ivory. My mom, dad, uncle, grandfather, and grandmother are all dead. and it's all because of The Cage. The Cage had ruined my life. in ways most people will never experience. and Im only seven. I've wittnissed my own father's death. he got wacked by a car. yeah. not a very good way to go down. I'd rather be run over by a truck, than die trying to fight inside The Cage. That's how bad it's been. Even though I've never wittnissed any of the challenges. It's impossible. they don't let anyone see because they don't want anyone to know what you do in The Cage. and i don't want to find out. WARNING!!! some scenes may be a "eww" moment, so if you get grossed out easily, don't blame me. Now... who ever said ladies don't like horror?


Moon angel

almost 6 years ago Sahara said:

wow this is really nice. I can feel what shes feelin about losin love ones and I hope you keep writing. Tell me when you do :). Could you read Is It Real please


almost 6 years ago Hayley bee said:

Wow, I really like the plot, I hope you continue to develop this stroy


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