Rhiannon is The One Laughing

Rhiannon is The One Laughing

2 chapters / 262 words

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Two of my poems (both written January 2012) I had as two seperate books that I put into one book. The poems are: "Rhiannon" and "I'm The One Laughing". I think "Rhiannon" is probably my best poem. It's also my first poem.


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Annika and naomi nov 2013 1966

over 5 years ago annidani said:

~Swap for Troubled Truth~

I personally like Rhiannon better. It's definitely more powerful.

The second one didn't really feel like a poem to me. You had some long sentences and some short ones, which gave it sort of an awkward flow. It was almost like a story. You could cut back on the sentences a bit, make them have less syllables, and add some punctuation.

Keep writing!



over 5 years ago Em Kam said:

That was fun to read and extremely powerfuL! Awesome poetry.


over 5 years ago Emily Caly Cadence said:

Rhiannon is a super-cool poem :) Keep it up girlie!


almost 6 years ago TheHalf-Light said:

Nice poem, interesting rhythm. KH


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