1 chapter / 1547 words

Approximately 8 minutes to read


Eli is no ordinary boy, at least not in his family. Too bad some of him family members might not support his decisions...
*Cover art credit to Ivy Blackshire*



almost 6 years ago A.S.M. Michellins said:

This was very sad, but yet sweet at the same time, and ended to soon!


about 6 years ago Trina Elisabeth said:

:( I like that he comes out in front of everyone and that you don't make it too extreme or overdramatic. Actually, it seems very realistic to me the way his father reacted and how his mother defends him. I really liked this. And the description was also lovely. Great job!:)


over 6 years ago Anon Y. Mouse said:

"It was easily crossable, for there were half-submerged boul-ders jutting out of the water in a line, but they were slippery and had to be crossed carefully." -boulders

the ending paragraph was kinda shaky...i agree with carlene! it really, like she said, just sort of dropped off. but i did think the last paragraph was very detailed. honestly, besides that, no criticism. i couldn't find anything wrong, and the details and description and such was good also. so sad! awww :(


over 6 years ago Carlene B. said:

This was really good but so sad mostly because that's what happens to a lot of young adults today. I didn't like the ending because it really wasn't much of one. It just kinda dropped off. Think of a better way to wrap it all up even if it's something simple because you have so much drama in the piece itself. Other than that, this was a fantastic piece and your characters really shined. Good work.


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