Insecurities 1.27.12

Insecurities 1.27.12

4 chapters / 257 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


We spend so long hiding behind a pretty face that we forget all of us have mistakes. It's those insecurities that make us who we are. Also, I'm sure no one would've expected so many worries from such a quirky girl.


Biography, Comedy, Poetry



over 5 years ago Crystal M. said:

This is good. Great job! Love it!


over 5 years ago Lynnea Johnson said:

Wow, those are really good. You can feel exactly how you feel when reading them, or so it seems. Good job!


over 5 years ago Matt said:

Why dont you dont just be yourself, dont let stereotypes hold you back!!! And you do need to work on your skating skills. LOL


over 5 years ago Laina O'Shields said:

OMG!!!! I read the Arms one and was like OH MY WORD, I FEEL THE SAME WAY! My hairy arms... bother me... And on the legs one, i only have scars on my right leg! Like 5! And my left leg is fine. It's weird... Annoys me too. Lol. My eyes are one of my best features i think. My hair annoys me. It isn't straight or curly and i can never say exactly what color it is...... Loved this piece. Honest and relatable!



about 1 year ago Daydre@mer!♡ said:

I really loved the way you've written about every girl's insecurity!I almost thought the poems were on me!!And m awed by your choice of words & humour!!Though i really hope you write more!!