Moonlight Lover

Moonlight Lover

1 chapter / 239 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


A poem based off of Maxfield Parrish's painting "Deep Woods, Moonlight"


Fantasy, Romance, Poetry




almost 6 years ago Joanna Frost said:

Lovely poetry and good luck in the contest.


about 6 years ago Kristin Yuki said:

I loved this. Loved how you incorporated the yearning with an undertone of doubtfulness, which I felt was so true to nymphs in Greek mythology, and the crystal-clear descriptions. Really gave us something to imagine & sink our teeth into. Also really liked the break in the line:

"Alighting the black trees that surround Myself –a hidden man –overwhelmed by the sight."

So well placed and really clever. Well done!


over 6 years ago krystelle faulkener said:

Whoa. That was so pretty. Awesomely written! Lovely descriptions, btw.


over 6 years ago roro said:

i've never read "deep woods, moonlight" but this is so good. i absolutely loved your use of description and adjectives. and your word choice is amazing also. two thumbs up



over 6 years ago The Japanese spirit said:

Wow. =O This is amazing. Your generosity and affluence with beautiful verbiage leaves a sense ofwonderment for the reader. This is nothing short of classic. Love it =]