Reasons To Love

Reasons To Love

1 chapter / 338 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


This will make your heart melt. A guy explains (thouroughly) the reasons he loves his girl.


Writing, Drama, Romance


Boss car

about 5 years ago Drea H. said:

Amazing :) Really made my heart melt


over 5 years ago Torr said:

Oh. my. gosh. This was so sweet:')


almost 6 years ago Kat Georges said:

I love this so much!!

Alex rider and his american partner

almost 6 years ago Hermione said:

that's it? I can agree with everyone else that this is good, sweet, giving me shivers up my spine when the boy told her the things that he can't seem to live without, but...that's it?! What happens after all that? Why not add more, or show us more of their love for one another? Please add more, because I would love to read more.This is not so much as drama as short story romance. But please add more. It's too good to be left as a short story.



about 6 years ago Lana said:

This is so sweet :) I love the way you explained each of his actions while he was telling her why he wanted to spend the rest of his life loving her. I wish I could meet a guy like that! And I don't know if you're into poetry or anything, but I could kind of see you adapting it into a poem of some sort (just throwing it out there!). Love it!