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"I felt like I was imploding, caving in, slowly
dying inside. That bast***d! I had let him inside
and he cut out my heart with a carving knife."
This was for the list contest. You had to use curse in a
creative way, not like "she cursed" as in swearing and it had to
take place on the last day of school. there was also a word limit
but I forgot what it was.Please critique and enjoy. Btw I'm
not a cutter myself but I know a few. this was just my take on
the emotions.


Writing, Drama, Serial



almost 6 years ago Ariana Angel Collins said:

Scarily descriptive and warped into...perfection :)


over 6 years ago Always Wondering said:



over 6 years ago Odette said:

Simply amazing. It is sad but very well written.


over 6 years ago Angela Funk said:

This is really awesome! Great descriptions and so sad!



over 6 years ago Serena Lore said:

I really enjoyed this piece, it was short sweet and well written. It seems kind of predictable though. It seems that everyone these days is writing suicide pieces. I thought this one was very good despite its predictability. You used so much great detail and that really enhanced the piece. Wonderful job! :D

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almost 7 years ago Happy Maddie said:

Oh, this is so sad!!! There is nothing I think you should do to make this better, though I must admit that I was a little confused on what the eigth curse was, but then I re-read and I understood. If you want to read more about Heaven, since you mentioned it, please read my novel in progress, "Letters from Heaven." But it isn't a must, I would just appreciate it! c[=