Your Little Princess

Your Little Princess

1 chapter / 88 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Writing, Romance, Poetry



almost 6 years ago Lily Rose Marie said:

I like this. I have to say, almost as soon as I saw this, I sung it in my head. I can hear it as a song, but that might just be my music obessesed mind. :)


about 6 years ago Brava the Bosmer said:

Truly lovely,

Me footsies

over 6 years ago Adelia said:

This is really good! I loved the rhythm, and the idea was original, which I found refreshing.


almost 7 years ago Charlotte said:

aw this is sad :( poor little princess....:( but your writing is very good, I have read some more of your stuff and you are consistently amazing :)

PS- you asked me to read "win" but I already did so I read this one instead...:P



about 6 years ago Savannah Stimpson said:

I like how the words flow in almost an insulting and vicious way while also maintaining a beauty about them. Great job.

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almost 7 years ago Anna M. Watson said:

I like this. It's kind of condescending. You set the mood well. Good rhythm.