More Than This...

More Than This...

56 chapters / 73691 words

Approximately about 6 hours to read


When Ryatt Mason, the normal baseball playing of Jameson Mason, meets an old family friends, his whole life is upside down. Codie Burns, daughter of Cody Burns, the late Navy Seal, turns Ryatt's life into something he never expected. Falling into a relationship quickly, they don't realize how fast they have fallen for each other in so little time. Fallow these two teenagers as they deal with love, loss, pregnancy, hate, trust, and fights.


Action, Drama, Romance



about 5 years ago Kaaylaa said:

Let us know if you would like for us to countinue!


almost 6 years ago Mackenzie Sanderson said:

I love this :) I keep checking every like hour haha. Can't wait for more :)


almost 6 years ago emily said:




almost 6 years ago Emma said:

I have been reading this book since you two started it. I love your writing and thing it is very descriptive and paints a very vivid picture of what's going on with the characters you write about. Anyway, I think it was really smart to combine some of the chapters like you did. I think this is one of my favorite books on figment. I love finding updates on my desk everyday! Great work and keep writing! Don't stop!


almost 6 years ago Tate Hazen said:

LOVE this book!!! You are amazing writers. LOVE IT!