Perfect Path - Part one

Perfect Path - Part one

2 chapters / 1816 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


Part One chronicles the fifteen dreams that existed between a mysterious man and powerful woman that begins as a relationship of uncertainty and inevitably leads to a transformation of learning; discovering how to have trust and faith in ones self and others.
Lahra is a twenty-seven year old woman with a full life ahead of her. She lives within boundaries that she desires to break but knows of no way to do so. From a magic of her own Lahra creates an alternate life with an awe-inspiring cosmic poet who knows no limits and acts as messenger coming to her from beyond a world she is totally unfamiliar.
Lahra possess the ability and grace to become a genuine goddess herself; with a passion to find the perfect path she begins to use her dreaming world to communicate on a higher level to uncover the power surrounding her life.


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