7 chapters / 5334 words

Approximately 27 minutes to read


In which a living doll is brought to our world in a FedEx box. In which there are certain things that should never be said. In which someone is mugged, someone is posessed, and someone becomes a member of a rogue circus. In which you don't look at inanimate objects like you used to.



over 5 years ago Madison Jordan said:

want to swap??? please read my story 'Shadow Ruler' let me know what you think Thank you


almost 6 years ago Cheshire Cat said:

Just one suggestion? More commas. I keep tearing through it and missing some of the witty asides :)


almost 6 years ago Cheshire Cat said:

I like it already--the voice is wonderful.


over 6 years ago Rabbit Beaumont said:

A little confusing in spots, but I really want to read more! Good job, love.


Shugo chara

almost 7 years ago Julie T. said:

Gorgeous story. Such a great idea, but if this happened in real life I would freak out! XD Who wouldn't? :) Keep writing!