black or pink

black or pink

5 chapters / 1217 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


adventure time fanfiction!!!! finn is in way over his head. the candy kingdom is hosting a ball and finn's invited! but, he has to bring a date and marceline and bubblegum BOTH expect him to take them. can he make the choice? will he choose bubblegum and ruin his easy friendship with marceline? or will he choose marceline and become a villain in the eyes of his favorite princess? and why is lady rainicorn having such weird cravings????? the ball is coming quickly and it's.......................................

ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Adventure, Comedy, Drama



about 3 years ago Spyder (Online?) said:

Need. Early. Access. Key. SOOOON!!! You left me hanging, I can't wait to see what happens! I am an Adventure Time fan myself, you see, and Adventure Time is, like, my favorite show! When you see this commengt, please post the early access key on my profile. Thanks, and have a Adventure(Time)-filled day!!! :-DDDD


over 4 years ago April M said:

Im totes going with the Finnceline thing you got going here, i am hooked already, i NEED you to finsih this because it is MATHEMATICAL! I feel like im watching the show :D Great Job, Keep It Going!


almost 5 years ago Skyler said:

Yay! I want access code! Please continue this is good! :D Marcelene forever! (Though I love PB too)


almost 5 years ago Skyler said:

Tag this as adventure time!



over 5 years ago Madison Kuhler said:

Really cute! ;D The only thing I would do to this would make Finn less thoughtful. That's his nature. But besides that, it's MATHMATICAL!


almost 6 years ago Emma Fisher said:

Oh! Wow! I love it! It really shows how cool and creative you are! I really like this. I also really like the names! Marceline is so pretty! I love this type of fiction, especially when it's done right. And this is. Good job!