Sewing Pages

Sewing Pages

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This was actually inspired from a metaphor someone used one to describe his experience in writing in a journal. It's stayed with me all these busy weeks, and now here's a two-and-a-half haiku about it. (It started out as a haiku, but I expanded it into something a little longer. Now the syllable order is 5, 7, 5, 7, 5, 7, 5, 7. You get the idea.) This may also explain it's monotony.


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almost 6 years ago Petty said:

I love this! Haikus and rhymes and all that are so hard for me, so I look up to anyone who can either follow or make a certain structure and stick to it. I love all the words you used, and I think that whatever you did to the last three lines worked. This is a great poem and it kind of makes me think the first line is laid out, and the next line stitches it in, keeping everything in the right place so it doesn't wander around.


almost 6 years ago Pherisphena Ladea said:

Thank you both! I actually did switch up the last three lines--I think I even added an extra two. The syllable rule still applies, so it was a bit of a challenge. Is it any better?


almost 6 years ago Red said:

Wow, this was great. I do agree with the person who reviewed about the whole winding down a bit on the last three lines, but apart from that, I loved this. It was pretty and deep and it made me feel a bit jealous that you can write so well! Well done :)



almost 6 years ago Rachel H. said:

I loved the first five lines. The last three were a bit of a let down. It was such a beautiful use of the metaphor and I could really feel the sewing (it made me think of my grandmother sewing, which was such a nice memory that you were able to bring back), but then it got a little bland with the last three? I guess there was just something metaphorical and special and otherworldly (like whimsical I guess) about the first five that the last three lacked) But overall, great metaphor and it created great, clear images in my head!