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A poem for Daily Themes February 2nd. An impoverished petty thief's pockets.


Writing, Poetry



about 5 years ago Kathleen Jones said:

This is pretty good. I love how the first pocket was normal kind of things, and then the second was all dark and everything! Good job!


almost 6 years ago Alec Bane said:

Despite what is said in your profile, I think you do pretty well with poetry, though I wasn't exactly sure what it was you were trying to convey in this poem, but I do like this, I really do, you certainly have talent, but I do suggest you pick a more deep topic because your wording and description implied that you do like dramatic topics.


almost 6 years ago cassidy said:

I really like this!!!Great job!


almost 6 years ago Melinda P. said:

An excellent take on the prompt! The poem defines this person very well. I feel kinda sorry for the guy. Great work! :D



almost 6 years ago lyder said:

Pretty hard-hitting.


almost 6 years ago Sheila Derpawitz said:

XD I loved this! It was very well written, and it gave a very good twist at the end! XD If I had to say something about it that was negative, I'd say to try to make things link together a little more, like how one pocket's belongings link to another's. Other than that, it was great~ XD 5 stars!