You're Gone

You're Gone

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I wrote this poem after a girl that would have graduated with me died during our junior year. I didn't really know her too well but I did know how her death effected everybody that we went to school with. . .teachers and students alike.


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about 1 year ago A.R. KYRON said:

It almost made me cry. Well I lost a friend of mine 2 years back & this poem reminded me of that.


almost 5 years ago Nika-Maria Boyd said:

Really loved reading this. Please read The World that Saw Color for our swap!! :)


almost 5 years ago Nika-Maria Boyd said:

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almost 6 years ago Black Roses Await said:

I think this is very sweet and I can totally relate to it so that's a good thing. I also like how you made it Ryhm I always have a problem with rhyming. Nicely done and very sweet :)

Your friend Kimmy


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over 5 years ago Nemo Poeta said:

The rhythm, meter, and flow was perfect; it almost sounded like a song in my head. Throughout the poem, I was slightly confused, but the last line was nicely conclusive, and it changed the mood completely. Some of the lines look slightly strange, like "Sometimes I cry sometimes I laugh." I think it would make sense as far as punctuation goes if you put a comma or a semicolon in there. Other than that, however, it was very nice, probably the most deep, accurate poem about death that I've ever read.


over 5 years ago EmILY tHe StraNge said:

The poem is fantastic! I like the rhyme pattern, it really creates a heart-warming effect to the reader. Your poem also creates a surreal effect that only some poets can create. The poem is great and I hope you keep writing.