Under the Stars

Under the Stars

5 chapters / 2605 words

Approximately 13 minutes to read


Aurora Evans likes to think of herself as normal. She has normal friends, goes to a normal school, and lives in a normal town, but Aurora is anything but normal. After getting in bigger trouble than imaginable on her last day of school, Aurora's parents whisk her off to the tiny island of Estrella in the Caribbean. Aurora soon becomes acquainted with Daniel Diamond, another victim of parental control, and Sam Keagan whose parents work and live on the island over the summer. When strange phenomena begins to occur, the friends discover sister and brother Venus and Jupiter, who seem to know more about the occurrences than they will let on. Can the unlikely friends find the answer, or will everyone on the island and possibly the world be at risk?



over 5 years ago E.B. Joseph said:

This is interesting. I can't wait to see where it's going. And I'm a succker for the H2G2 references!


over 6 years ago Jon said:

i really liked it


over 6 years ago Zina said:

I really like the introduction and only read the first two chapters. Sorry! I really liked it, though. Good job! :)


over 6 years ago SA said:

The intro was funny!

And your description of the story about her being so normal is great, but I also think you give too much away. keep it simple and make it a tad more mysterious


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