1 chapter / 282 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Inspired by UVERworld's "DISCORD" and personal experiences. This describes an internal conflict about what actions to take in a depleting relationship~


Writing, Poetry, Drama



over 5 years ago TortallMagic said:

this was abolutely beautiful!


over 5 years ago Blank said:

Even though this is a poem, I felt like I was reading a story. I also liked how you incorporated the French it gave a vividness to it...a tenderness. I love to read inspired works, they're always the best. Thanks for the swap! (:


over 5 years ago Lindsey Didier said:

I liked the French included. It would be cool anyways, but I could read it and understand because I'm taking French. Cool idea! good job.


over 5 years ago ally Marie said:

Very good. It was short but packed many emotions



over 5 years ago Zubin Hill said:

Hmmm.... I can't say I liked your repetition. It felt forced and became quickly boring. Perhaps more variance within the "living in discord" stanza would have been good?

Overall, though, I think you did a good job.


over 5 years ago Rory Gilmore said:

I loved your writing. The style was unconventional which made that much more good. I loved the way you added French to in different parts. Great work!