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Nothing better than a night that starts terribly and ends perfectly.



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almost 6 years ago Beautiful Disaster ♫ said:



almost 6 years ago Kaitlyn Elizabeth said:

Wonderful, dearie. I really like what you did here. The tone is solid, and the descriptions are true. I would watch for some of the sentences, as they do get a bit long as lists. You'll see them. Aside from that, this was wonderful, as I said before. I'm not sure if you can enter it into two contest, but hey, go for it. I wish you the best of luck in both.

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almost 6 years ago Scarlet Lae said:

oh my gosh I love the imagery. In the first paragraph I could smell all the gross perfumes. Absolutely awesome I loved it!


almost 6 years ago AP Harmon said:

"Somehow I get the feeling he's not interested in a discussion about the repercussions of World War II." Haha, love it. I love your descriptions, especially in the beginning.


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