The Secret Life of a Water Bottle

The Secret Life of a Water Bottle

1 chapter / 33 words

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Writing, Comedy, Poetry



over 5 years ago Lily Saki said:

i love how it was in a poem form.


over 5 years ago Seven said:

Nom nom... Made me thirsty... You know how water is suppose to be tasteless yet sometimes it has like that hint of sweetness? I love when water tastes like that =w= this is what this reminded me of D: is making me so thirsty tho! @.@ you know what I WILL take you up on that offer and drink chu! EXCUSE ME NOW!

Tree of life

over 5 years ago Angela Kern said:

Very good


over 5 years ago Sierra CoeHoe said:

Hahaha nice ending!



over 5 years ago Ashley Kern said:

I loved this poem and it's not the secret life of a water bottle anymore because now people know the secret. lol. It flowed nicely and you made great use of personifying the water bottle to have feelings.