The Social Contract

The Social Contract

20 chapters / 59930 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Some people find it easy to trust their friends. Tyler and Abraham like to get it in writing.


Comedy, Drama, Memoir



about 1 month ago L U N A said:

I really like it so far. I only got to read the first couple of chapters, but the characters seem developed pretty well. There were almost no spelling mistakes so great job! Keep up the good work. :)


over 3 years ago Zack S. said:

Awesome writing! I it very interesting! Good work!


over 3 years ago lzyshortiegal said:

That was such an amazing read! I could not stop laughing. The MC is really funny to me, and their personality is amazing. The beginning really hooked me in! It was very entertaining! :) Good luck and happy writing! :D


over 3 years ago Alec Snow said:

I read the first page and it's really funny :) I like it.


Runawaylens edit

over 3 years ago Olivia Ossege said:

This is for the forum thing! I really loved this! I only read the first chapter because, I mean, it's like 5 HOURS long. But it's really good! As already said, the narrator was pretty funny. Nice plot! :)


almost 5 years ago Emily Bazic said:

This was a really interesting read. I enjoyed it.