The Social Contract

The Social Contract

20 chapters / 59930 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Some people find it easy to trust their friends. Tyler and Abraham like to get it in writing.


Comedy, Drama, Memoir



over 3 years ago Zack S. said:

Awesome writing! I it very interesting! Good work!


over 3 years ago lzyshortiegal said:

That was such an amazing read! I could not stop laughing. The MC is really funny to me, and their personality is amazing. The beginning really hooked me in! It was very entertaining! :) Good luck and happy writing! :D


over 3 years ago Alec Snow said:

I read the first page and it's really funny :) I like it.


over 4 years ago M.O.D. said:

Nice. The contract thing seems like a good idea. I sorta want to do it. The characters all seem realistic and developed, and with a couple of glaring exception they behave age-apropriately. The writing simple and readable, with some clever descriptions. There were a few confusing bits and Tyler's college breakdown seemed to come out of nowhere, but all in all really good.

If you wanted me to, I'd actually be happy to go through this with a much finer-toothed comb, because this would actually be fun to edit.


Runawaylens edit

over 3 years ago Olivia Ossege said:

This is for the forum thing! I really loved this! I only read the first chapter because, I mean, it's like 5 HOURS long. But it's really good! As already said, the narrator was pretty funny. Nice plot! :)


over 4 years ago Emily Bazic said:

This was a really interesting read. I enjoyed it.