Just One Of Those Girls

Just One Of Those Girls

4 chapters / 7235 words

Approximately 36 minutes to read


This is a stereotypical high school story. It's very cliche, and you've probably heard something similar before. Nonetheless, I try, so I hope you enjoy it anyways.

(Note: I started writing this when I was like thirteen, and I do not plan on going back and editing it, ever, so I'm sorry if parts of it suck.)


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almost 4 years ago Anne Rayne said:

Hey Elena,

I like the second-last chapter, especially the way you bring back the past of the protagonist's time with her mom - very touching :) Keep writing!



about 4 years ago Thalia Bowman said:

I LOVE IT! You NEED to write more! :) -Thalia


over 5 years ago Tayla said:

This would be a best seller!


over 5 years ago Ella said:

Wow. I loved this. :D I really like June, and I want her to end up with Dalton so bad! And I was so sad when she was remembering her mom dying...;( I thought you had lots of description, too. Overall, really well written!



over 5 years ago Aisley Scott said:

For what this is, it's actually pretty good. I love the characters and the dialogue--all pretty beleivable. The writing was good too, very fluent and there really want any sentences I stumbled on.

One thing I noticed that I thought could be altered was the MC and Dalton's relationship; it seemed a bit cliche. I think instead of saying so abruptly how she's the girl next door and he's dating the pretty bitch, you should show it. Show it throught her actions and feelings instead of the narrators voice. The way you write it makes it seem less of a novel and more of a short story. Stretch it out a little more, give us something to relate to character-wise instead of plot-wise.

Other than that, I like it. I think it had potential and with a few doses of detail/emotion, this could really expand!

Good job, and keep it up :)


over 5 years ago emily said:

Now i don't say this a lot, but this was amazing. It was tear jerking, bitchy, funny, and just perfect! It's really hard to capture all these moods in two chapters, and it's done perfectly. I honestly don't have any criticisms. This book deserves way more attention. Absolutely fantastic, and please let me know when there is more!

Emily DW