Dealing with the World

Dealing with the World

1 chapter / 704 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


(complete) Everyone's got problems, especially drug dealers



almost 5 years ago Tonks not Tronks ಠ_ಠ said:

wht a fuckin masterpiece

lol jk.


almost 5 years ago Emilia Kay said:

The ending seemed kind of just thrown together to finish it, but the rest of the piece was fine. It kept me eager to read more and I liked it overall. Good job.


almost 5 years ago Pomegranate said:

I think the part where the car turned into a Decepticon seemed a bit unrealistic. Other than that, it was good


about 5 years ago Kristen Ahrens said:

This was very interesting. I plan to read something longer for our swap as well, but the description for this piece really grabbed me.

It was a unique premise, point of view, and overall tone. I really enjoyed a glimpse at the more human side of people often demonized, whether justly or not, by society. It really got my heart racing, and I especially enjoyed the details of the library and Starbucks cards. They did a lot toward making the main character relatable.

Thank you for sharing this!



over 5 years ago MEF said:

Wow, I loved the emotion, and the main character's values. It had a great pace, great flow and was very well written. I loved the detail and the concept. It was a great story.

over 5 years ago Kritika said:

Very intense and suspenseful story! I like how you made your MC an unconventional character like a drug dealer yet didn't give out a patronizing message about the dangers of drugs. It's refreshing to read a story about a character that isn't from the usual walks of life. The humor in the middle was well done; not too distracting but definitely helping make us root for the main character.

My only suggestion would be to alter the ending. I think it would be a far more effective story if the drug dealer got mortally ill but wasn't worried about it because the money was safe. It's a bit unrealistic to get away unscathed. Still, you're the author so if that goes against what you intended then stick with your ending!