God Gave Me You

God Gave Me You

7 chapters / 7259 words

Approximately 36 minutes to read


(Inspired by the song,She Will Be Loved, by Maroon 5)
Adam Mayer loves his girlfriend,Julie Goldsmith, to death. He is devoted to her and is supportive of her dreams, whatever they may be. He's even there for her when her parents start to fight constantly. Soon, however, there is another women taking his heart, Julie's mother. With the fight waging war on her heart, Karen Goldsmith turns towards Adam for comfort setting in motion a chain of events that will not only question her love for her husband but also his love for Julie.


Writing, Drama, Romance



over 5 years ago Cassie Rose said:

I've always adored She Will Be Loved, and you did an awesome job of making it your own! I read up to chapter three, and I'm gonna say you did a fantastic job with building Adam's character! He was really well rounded and reacted consistently. My one critique would be that you do a lot of telling us about emotions, instead of showing them by the way they talk or their body language. I wasn't too bothered by it, though, because I was enjoying the story too much. Great job!


over 5 years ago Lucy Shifflett said:

I read a few chapters, great start :) It flows wonderfully, your descriptions were amazing, and I found absolutley nothing wrong. I'll definetly be back for more!!


over 5 years ago Adrienne Sara said:

This is really good. I really like it. But, for some reason I think of Karen as an old women (I am prety sure she isn't) could you clear that up for me. Other then that, Awesome job!


almost 6 years ago Lisa Ladybug said:

This is a BEAUTIFUL piece I enjoyed every minute! its so embracing and sweet as well as sorrowful I adore it! ADORE IT!



almost 6 years ago Addie said:

I would love to see this continued if you will!