ode to vinegar

ode to vinegar

1 chapter / 129 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Comedy, Poetry




over 4 years ago Karina said:

I love random, but amazing, poems like these! Vinegar does have its many uses :)


about 5 years ago NightOwl0_0 said:

Haha this is really random, but really good at the same time. A lot better than I can do! Anyway, great job! I love vinegar too...

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almost 6 years ago Baylee said:

vinegar is the eighth wonder of the world *sigh*


almost 6 years ago CJ Toby Xtremi said:

Interesting............ Unlike anything i have read before................................ LOVED IT!!!!!!!


Me 1963

over 4 years ago Linda D said:

I bow to you...oh vinegar. And you too, Janelle. Woe unto those who scoff the virtuous, versatile vinegar in all its splendors.


almost 6 years ago Emma Fisher said:

I agree with Elspeth. Such a sweet little poem that complements something so uncommon to write about. It's beautiful and funny and so nice. I really really love it. Good job.