7 chapters / 17175 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


© High School is full of romance, crushes, Break Up's, and-pregnancy?

This story follows how two teens, once best friends make the best/biggest mistake of their lives, and the twist behind it all. Can Emma, a smart, simple girl, get through this or will she succumb to the problems of adulthood? The issues of growing up too fast?


Drama, Romance, Novel


Anime 27

over 3 years ago Delilah Rocker said:

Keep writing please.


over 4 years ago Willow Cimorene said:

This is amazing! I love your writing style, though not the story as much. I'm not really a romance person, and as for sex... but you have an unbeatable writing style!


over 4 years ago kayla said:

I was inpressed, your writing style is very good. I hated the breakup because I am a total romantic, but still really good. Though was the guy lying about his feelings or not?


over 4 years ago Sara Davis said:

I loved it! But hated the breakup, But I thought it was amazing! Umm, you could read Summer 89, Thanks!



almost 5 years ago Brooke Giebel said:

I am amazingly impressed, you are a fabulous writer. You created a movie in my head and completely captivated me. You are FLAWLESS!


over 5 years ago MacKenzie said:

ok this was a gppd story but you have some major problems.

first of all all the words like guess are spelled like quess, and its wrong and annoying so that needs to be fixed.

another problem is just the speeling/grammer overall. you really need to check on this stuff as its the worst part of the story. some paragraphs didnt even make sense the spelling/grammer was so bad.

try typing your stories in word document and then post them over to figment. its A LOT easier because thats what i do.

im terrible at grammer as well but it does take away from the story when its like this it wouild make it much more enjoyable if these problems were fixed.

hope i wasnt to harsh on u. message me if you need anything. (cant wait to see what happens next)