The Diary of a Champion

The Diary of a Champion

9 chapters / 1985 words

Approximately 10 minutes to read


Winner of the lovepotion contest. Fleur Delacour has got Cedric Diggory under her spell...literally. He's wrapped around her little finger due to a love potion she selfishly put him under.


Ilse esme

over 5 years ago Connie Rayburn said:

Cederic has been my favorite HP character since the book first came out and I love seeing a glimpse into something new about him. Really interesting. I jjust hate that he has to die :(

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almost 6 years ago Emma Holt said:

I have watched Harry potter tons of times but I do remember the carriage scene in the background but never thought to writ about it. Great work!!

Steve pics 619

almost 6 years ago Birdy said:

I found this rather humorous, and it surely put a smile on my face. I'm not really much of a Harry Potter fan either, but you did a good job captivating me. Nicely done!

Princess cyan 1

almost 6 years ago Princess said:

It's nice. I've never been a fan of Harry Potter fan fics but this one is different.



almost 6 years ago Lucy Kane said:

A really good opening to the story - it really gets peoples attention and draws them in i think.