Don't Forget

Don't Forget

1 chapter / 497 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


This is a letter from me, to my adult self. Hand-picked finalist for the dearadultme contest.





over 4 years ago Maya Rose said:

I loved it! I am so speechless that that is all I have to say:)


over 4 years ago Jenny Ramirez said:

I absolutely loved this story!! Simply amazing!! Keep writing.


over 5 years ago Maria LaMacchia said:

i think this piece is damn near perfect. i have such a hard time remembering things, and not just things like my lunch or whatever. important things, like what you put in this piece. is this something you are really doing? or just something you felt like writing?


over 5 years ago Polka-dot said:

I'm so doing this sometime!



over 5 years ago Erin Z. said:

This is really good. I love how you explained everything so detailed and clear! It touched my heart, it was fantastic! Good work!


almost 6 years ago x said:

This was so powerfully written that it touched my heart like Nicholas Sparks's novels! I really like how you claimed that you would like to be the kind of mother who's protective of her children! I did not see any mistakes whatsoever, so good job!

Keep it up and I wish you good luck in the contest!(: