The Berries

The Berries

6 chapters / 2126 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


This is a Hunger Games Fanfic I wrote. This is the story if Peeta hadn't survived the Games and Katniss one. This is my first Fanfic so it's not that great.



over 5 years ago The Silent Hearter said:

Haven't read the hunger games, and don't plan to, therefore I don't know what's going on, but i think this is pretty cool.

Figment owl

almost 6 years ago AAA said:

Grammar/spelling- not to be nit-picking, but it kinda makes it hard to get into a book when it doesn't flow. As a hardcore Hg fan, I would say that I think Katniss would have shot Snow in that scene, and nightlock is red- I think, not blue. I'm not so sure that Katniss would have said that to Gale, at least not right after. In Mockingjay, she almost gave up on Peeta while he actually was still alive. Good fanfic. Revise would make it better.



almost 6 years ago Sarah Barbie said:

This was amazing. There were some spelling and grammar errors, so fix them. Why did you have to make Peeta die!! He is my favorite. Also you should include how she feels when she sees haymitch dead. There wasn't much emotion there. Any whooo.. great story.

P.s. I also loved when she was dying she didn't want anyone to help her so she could die and be with Peeta. I also like when she said she didn't love gale. That was awesome.