Playlist: Birdcage Girl

Playlist: Birdcage Girl

1 chapter / 446 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


** Entry for the I Heart Daily Playlist Contest. For one of my favorite stories of all time, Birdcage Girl by Kimberly Karalius. POTENTIAL SPOILERS for those of you who haven't read the book. Cover from We Heart It:





about 5 years ago anonymous said:

I officially cried when I listened to this. It is perfect! I imagined all of this songs in a movie of Birdcage Girl, and my emotions got really worked up. Perfect! Perfect, perfect!


almost 6 years ago J. R. Flynn's Archives said:

KIMBERLY :) I loved BCG, and I love this playlist!



almost 6 years ago Kimberly Karalius said:

Wow, Naya, this is amazing! I know I'm the author and all, but I couldn't resist commenting on this playlist. I'm blushing and tearing up at the same time; it's an honor that you considered Birdcage Girl for this contest :)

I love the choices you made with the songs and your explanations are wonderful. It's funny that you chose songs from The Hush Sound and Eisley - they are two of my favorite bands!

While I loved all of the ones, my favorite one of the ones I've never heard is "Quiet Hearts" by Amy Stroup. It's so sweet and kind of haunting; I enjoying thinking of Ashlyn and her father while listening to it.

Thanks for the lovely playlist and I hope you do well in the contest :D