Spontaneous Decisions Involving Shoes

Spontaneous Decisions Involving Shoes

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And here do I sit, with bandaged feet
For as I walked did trouble I meet.
I set off with my camera early one morn'.
Indeed I set off for the rising sun.
The sky was pink, the water still black,
And soon I knew I couldn't turn back.
Except in my mind, surely I thought,
That this is something that I rather ought,
Not do today, in brand new shoes.
But at the time, if you snooze, you lose.
So I kept on stepping farther away
In brand new shoes on a brand new day.
My camera was clicking, my eyes were dazzled.
Surely by now, my feet would feel frazzled.
Sadly, my nerves didn't react,
Quickly enough for me to turn back.
I walked another mile, perhaps even more,
I kept on stepping, further and further towards,
Total destruction of my heels and toes,
An idiot I was, and this I now know.
Eventually, my feet did start to bleed.
And this warning did I finally heed,
And retreat like Napoleon in Russia's winter,
But my bleeding feet did my progress hinder.
So as I pathetically limped back, as sad as could be,
I knew I was screwed for my entirety.
Alright, that's dramatic, but you understand,
By being spontaneous and forming last minute plans,
And going on walks when one shouldn't be walking,
Well, obviously, danger I was stalking.
So my feet are now covered in bandages now,
Hopefully gangrene doesn't show up to say, "Wow!
I'll gnaw on some dead flesh! Mmm looks so good!"
I think my feet are out of Infection Neighborhood.
They're just ripe with blisters and painful as hell.
It's my own silly fault, I must shrug oh well.
But I wish to bid adieu to my foolish ways,
And next time I go on a hike, perhaps I'll be fazed,
By this tragedy of epic proportion
And don proper footwear, a wonderful notion!
So, people, do not follow my lead.
Because unless you desire for your feet to bleed,
Please, dear readers, really do heed,
My creed of begging your feet not to bleed,
So wear shoes that are comfy with cushion and bounce,
So that you can hike, step high, perhaps even flounce.
I wish you good luck in all of your fun!
Please wear good shoes next time, everyone!


Adventure, Comedy, Poetry



over 4 years ago M.R.Kelly said:

That was cute! :) Nice job!


almost 6 years ago Sienna said:

Hahahaha I love this Reminds me of Shel Silverstein


about 6 years ago Robin Hendricks said:



about 6 years ago Emma-Lou McCott said:

though the rhyming is somewhat forced, it's still funny!



over 6 years ago Bailey Jackson said:

I think you poem is hilarious and very witty, since it mixes a very classic sort of word chioce with a subject that is often not written about. If there were a book of poems like these i would probably keep it in a glass case and tresure it. I will now always check my footwear before I go on a walk! :)