Fade Away

Fade Away

11 chapters / 22188 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


PLEASE READ! I'd love critiques and comments, because I'm determined to finish this book (though I say that for everything, so we'll see). I'm in love with all the characters, even the ones not mentioned in the story yet!
Fifteen-year-old Andrea 'Andy' Sparks is stronger than she looks. She's been through a lot; she's seen things most people should never see. So if she's so strong, why is she fading away?
Some people are what are called 'Faders'. The Faders are people who have gone through things that normal people don't. Unknown to the world, something within them doesn't allow them to deal with problems as well as others. Slowly, they fade away.
Andy has been named a Fader, now sent to the boarding school for 'people like her', where she is basically sent to die. But not if she can help it.
There is cursing in this, so if you have a problem with that don't read it, I won't be offended. Another one of those dream stories. I had a dream about this, only I was Andy, slowly fading away. When I woke up, this idea was now in my head, and I figured I might as well continue with it.


Fantasy, Romance, Novel



almost 4 years ago Jo said:

I wish you would finish this and notify me when you do!!


over 5 years ago Celia Brown said:

I loved this.Please write more!

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over 5 years ago Sofia Connor said:

Really emotional and strong so far. I've read all 9 chapters and I've decided that I will continue on, should you keep writing more. P.S.: It may seem a bit weird that I reacted with laugh, but what Ben said to the cheerleader in the first chapter was priceless.


over 5 years ago Willow J Flynn said:

This sounds interesting! I love how you compare the kids to animals, and I really like your style of writings. No critiques I can think of!



over 5 years ago Anna Browne said:

Wow. This is REALLY good. I especially love the line "I know she was beautiful." That intrigued me instantly. Your story is full of rich detail and imagery; you are painting the picture for us readers instead of educating us about it, which I especially love. Your cover is interesting and draws me in; the concept/idea is nicely done and unique, and I look forward to reading more! :D