Galatea in Rose

Galatea in Rose

1 chapter / 248 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


I originally intended this for the Bewitching Flash Fiction contest, but no. Too precious for me to cut it up and scrimp. If you know your Greek mythology, you will know who Galatea and Narcissus are. A lonely young Poe-esque man in his empty dining room, sitting in a chair, drinking in a rose...


Writing, Fantasy, Romance



over 5 years ago Lauren Renee said:

Wow. This was beautiful, and so wistful. Fantastic job!

Newest me

over 5 years ago Sally Balboa said:

this was pretty awesome and educated me on a myth i didnt know about. good job!


over 5 years ago Maija Danielle said:

I like your writing style, your vocabulary and ideas are very unique. Good job.


almost 6 years ago Dani Bernstein said:

wow, great imagery! i could really picture myself in the story! great job!


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almost 6 years ago Madelyn Neal said:

Beautiful and sing-songy. As I read this I felt in a daze/entranced like I was in a dream. Kudos to you!


almost 6 years ago Jonathon Cain said:

Your writing does not fail to impress. It is beautiful, like poetry. I love it.