My Decision

My Decision

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~FOR ANYONE WHO'S READ THIS BEFORE, I ADDED MORE!!!~ This is one of my favorites that I've written. It's a metaphor for some of the things going on in my head, which makes it very special to me (but then again, all my writing is special to me for one reason or another :) ) Made it more real, not just thoughts. Can anyone guess what it's about?


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White tobuscus

over 4 years ago Ariahna Frenzel said:

Nice imagery, you get lost in the story, and it's hard for a poem to get me to do that.

I think someday, you should publish a book of your poems.


almost 5 years ago Elizabeth said:

Short, sweet, and beautiful :)



about 5 years ago Julia Rae June said:

This is beautiful. .... I need to know what happens! You left it at a cliffhanger and I dont even know the story! But I want to! Because this was great. I loved it.


about 5 years ago Monica Tlachac said:

No idea what this is about (and i'm used to that happening to me with poetry). However, it's absolutely beautiful. You have amazing writing



about 5 years ago Emily Cates said:

When I started reading this I was trying to look for patterns that occurred in the stanzas. I was dumbfounded on how well you wrote this, without using any typical techniques. I encourage you to put something else in the poem that adds to it. I agree with everyone else on the fact that it is beautiful and haunting, but I want more! I know...what a greedy reader :) Beautiful job and write on.



over 5 years ago V.ROSE said:

Amazing! This was truly original and creative. You know I wish I could write AMAZING poems like this, but I can't. You are an AMAZING Poet. It almost seems like you left a cliffhanger at the end. I hope you did. I can so see this becoming something gooood. If you do continue, please update me. =)