Az If

Az If

1 chapter / 685 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Azure and Jayce are drawn together by their mutual love of violin. However, a chasm in social classes and Jayce's emotional wall he's built around himself will cause waves in their romance. Gorgeous cover by xx Chloe xx.


Writing, Romance


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about 5 years ago Kimber Dixon said:

Please continue this!!


over 5 years ago Rose said:

I like this story :) I got so mad at the parents! I would never let anyone treat me that way! And Jace? Ya I would have had a smart mouthed comment for him and his rude self. I have a bit of a temper :) also, I love anything with music! It was very well written. Great jobb!


over 5 years ago Cole said:



over 5 years ago Cassie Rose said:

You should totally continue this! I really loved how you described her feelings when she won. How guilty she felt because she didn't think she should have. I also like how she was mesmerized with Jayce's music and his passion, and not with how beautiful he was or something. It was fresh.



over 5 years ago Astra Fairoza said:

Hey there! I'm going to try to write an okay review, kay? :) I really like what you have written so far in this extraordinary piece of work. The words you use are more exotic than common and overly used words, giving an image of experience and professionalism. Just be careful not to get too carried away. As others have mentioned before me, It's unnecessary for you to introduce us to Jayce twice. I rather enjoyed what you have written and strongly look forward to more. I'm happy to see so much talent being displayed and put to good use. hehe I'll be back for more so don't keep me waiting! :D


over 5 years ago Mercedes Rothwell said:

I really like it :) I have little suggestions though...

At the begining when Azure (love the name by the way) is describing Jayce's music, it is a bunch of run on sentences, that I had to skip over because it was making my head spin.

then here: "I walked up to him—his name was Jayce Evans, according to the program." you already said his name was Jayce at the beginning so this doesnt fit. :) but other than that I think that it is great