Beasts of Eden

Beasts of Eden

14 chapters / 57465 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Beasts of Eden is the epic tale of Ecco, a fifteen-year old boy from Bangor, Maine, who survives the worldwide catastrophic sonic wave attacks ordered by Moriarti, an evil scientist turned mutant who intends to rule the world with his armies of hybrid creatures: monster bears, lizards and lizard-bears. Ecco, who after the blasts mysteriously developed the unique and unearthly power of Zero Vision, is pursued by a rebel group. With the help of Cali, a beautiful and fearless classmate, Ecco hopes to use his new power to assist in a plot to sail to England and assassinate Moriarti in order to end the nightmarish reign of the horrific hybrid creatures.

The entire novel is now available online. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading!


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over 5 years ago Jordan Colt said:

Thank you for the positive reviews. This was indeed written by seventh graders (along with me, their teacher, to help with revising and editing) during the 2010-2011 school year. These students are now preparing to enter high school. Some of them continue to collaborate in their fiction. We are still seeking publication, but now you can read here the entire novel (also known as Siege of Never Eden) for free. If you enjoy it, please heart us and tell your friends. Thanks!


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over 5 years ago Walter Rooks said:

This is a truly interesting post-apocalyptic book. I personally think that it is definitely not like many other things i have read or seen. A few things are left unexplained, such as the reason only two animals were chosen as soldiers or even their cdossbreeds, but other than that it was good. The characters were very likeable, and, for the most part, stuck with you. Although it is very action packed and you have lots thrown at you at once, after you progress through it then you really get into it and everything balances out. It was touching and witty at just the right times, amd suspenseful and action-packed at others. Overall, it is definitely worth the read and I am looking forward to more from this author and their unique technique.