Hey Barbie, I am Real.

Hey Barbie, I am Real.

1 chapter / 794 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Hey Barbie, these are some thoughts from a real, hardcore teenaged girl. Where are you zits and braces? Where are your nerdy glasses and horrible hair days? Where are you mistakes in makeup and terrible painted nails? Where is the real you?



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almost 5 years ago Lindsay said:

Hahaha wow, you really took a stand there! I like it (: I also love how comfortable with talking about everyone's boobs... it just made me crack up when you talked about Barbie's x) There were some places where you could add a comma or two, but that is really up to you. You could also go through and read it out loud, so you can hear if your words flow together right. But overall, I really liked it! Keep it up (:

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almost 5 years ago Marisa Rodriguez said:


I'm virtually applauding you right now!

I love anything having to do with challenging perfection. And you question and attack the very symbol of perfection! (AKA BARBIE!)

It made me laugh all your little descriptions of a real teenagers body or appearance. It was humorous yet had such a deeper meaning.

I mean seriously how many REAL teenage girls look like Barbie. Some of us actually have more to love. lol.

Loved it.