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about 5 years ago Scattered bits of love said:

I'm not much of a poet, but I liked your story no mater what anyone says. I think that, yes; this is a very easy thing to write, but no it doesn't not deserve 1000 hearts. I think writings writing, as simple or easy as it might be. BEAUTY is beauty.


about 5 years ago Julia said:

Not to be one of those meanies, but this doesn't deserve a heart, let alone 1000? This not that hard to write. Everybody knows this and anyone could've written this. This tells us no hidden message, and how could this be at all meaningful? Sheesh. You know, you're one of those popular attention whores, aren't you? P.S. You know, it's kinda loserish to see you're following more people than someone who's following you. Like I said, attention whore. I agree with Hannah.

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over 5 years ago Tiffany Schell said:

Quite a nice poem, though I have to say I agree with Hannah Sproch more than your goal.


over 5 years ago tangerineplum said:

This is one of the "short but meaningful" pieces in figment



almost 2 years ago Z. B. Grubb said:

People confuse love with lust, it's sad. I, myself don't believe in the word love anymore. I'm not looking for love, I'm searching for passion. Beautiful poem, keep up the good work!


over 2 years ago Abby said:

Short and sweet. I absolutely loved it. Love can be a complicated thing and this poen totally captures that idea. Great work! :)