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1,000 hearts?


Writing, Poetry


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over 1 year ago Alexandr Lukin said:

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over 4 years ago Lindsay Ma said:

I agree with what you are seeming to want to get across, lovely poem:)


over 4 years ago Michaela Myhrer said:

Very sweet... Good job and keep writing!!


about 5 years ago Juliet Hurwitz said:

WRITE. MORE. POEMS. OR. STORIES. You're such an amazing poet! Keep at it and you will be the BEST POET IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So keep writing!!!



almost 3 years ago Aly H. said:

Short, but sweet and to the point! the imagery and how readable this was is impressive, keep working and I would love to see this improved and expanded!


about 5 years ago #4 said:

I like the idea (Even though sometimes love poems get cliche'). Easy to read, easy to follow and understand. The last two lines were my favorite. I feel like went deep, whereas the other ones were more shallow. They're good still, but really good love poems are deep and extremely meaningful. Good start, but this could be expanded and made more deep., and meaningful and more grasp what love actually is. Other than that, it's fine. Good work, and good luck on your goal.

@The Tornado