Dossier #752

Dossier #752

1 chapter / 2109 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


[Short story] A boy, an empty gun, and the walls closing in.



over 5 years ago Alyss of Murderland said:

Wow, so well written. I loved this so much it was so intriguing!


over 5 years ago Anna Browne said:

Creepy, I love it! Very well-written & incredibly intriguing. Hearted:)


over 5 years ago Nella Ladne said:

Wow, that was just, wow. The concept and detail was brilliant as well as your character development. Some of your thoughts in this were so unique, I loved it. Amazing job, it was fantastic! :)


over 5 years ago MelWrites845 said:

Holy holy holy moly! This was insane! It was so intense and dark and powerful and wonderful!



over 5 years ago Deidre Fallow said:

The character you have created was amazing. He had flaws like any good character. I loved the picture you painted of that world. The beginning pulled me in and I could not stop reading until I have reached the end. This is simply wonderful.

Standing on the edge

over 5 years ago Marissa Salad said:

Very interesting. At first it felt rushed, and a bit disorganized, but it got much better. The tone is grim, and has an air of mystery to it, something I enjoyed very much. I really loved the ending, it didn't really conclude the story, but it certainly brought it to a close, which was just as good, maybe better, because it kept me thinking about your story. The only problem I feel needs to be addressed, is your tense. You have the tendency to switch between present and past, especially when your entire story is past. Watch out for that. Other than that, good job. I really enjoyed it.

Also, I'm really sorry it took me so long to get back to you on the swap. Sorry about that >///<