1 chapter / 1790 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


This is one of my first attempts at flash fiction, something my sister taught me to do. I do one every few weeks on my blog. It keeps the juices flowing (especially when I'm in the middle of a revision). I hope everyone enjoys! And come visit me on my blog to read more f.f's!



almost 5 years ago K.L. Gardner said:

Yes write more please, this would make a great novel!


over 5 years ago Aisley Scott said:

I love this! The concept was really unique, and I'm glad a real, honest-to-god author like you has time to be a normal Figgie :)


almost 6 years ago J. R. Flynn's Archives said:

It's amazing that you have such time in your busy life to take time to type this up and put it up. I absolutely loved it! The concept is amazing and if you were ever to expand it, I would gladly continue to read it!



almost 6 years ago kyla denae said:

Wow. This was amazing. Seriously. I love the concept, I love your execution, I love the detail you've put into it.

Probably the only quibble I have is the beginning. It felt very rushed and your first paragraph didn't really have the pull that I usually look for in the beginning of a piece. Maybe try smoothing that out and making it a bit more engaging.

Otherwise, this was awesome.